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60 Second Escapes

You deserve a break from the daily grind

Meetings drag on with someone blathering away about profits and processes. Kids have to be driven all over town. Responsibility piles up into a heaping mess of stress. Let our mobile games help you escape.

Our mobile games are free to download. Pull out your phone and escape the day for a few moments at a time. Your happiness is our joy and we will keep making games that put a smile on your face.

Many of our game levels are designed for bite sized entertainment, giving you small doses of pleasure through the day.

You can play other mobile games, but many are pay to play. You’ll get to a level and be so frustrated that you'll pour out money in agony, only to find that the next level is twice as hard, and three times as costly.

Search Imagitale Studios on the App Store or Google Play. Choose one of our growing lists of mobile games and buckle up for a ride to Pleasureville.

Return to your day replenished and energized ready to tackle the world. Kick butt on those reports. Knock the crap out of that todo list. Be an inspiration to all and win the day.

Potion Motion - Available on iOS and Android

Magical Match Three Fun

Potion Motion
Potion Motion is an exciting match three game designed to keep you entertained for hours. With hundreds of levels and many more to come, Potion Motion is sure to leave a smile on your face. It’s fun and easy to play, all you have to connect three or more potions, diagonally, vertically, or horizontally to blast through the levels. Match as many as you can to feed the guys trapped in the potion bottles, so they become supercharged and ready to explode!



Zombie Bubble Burst
Zombie Bubble Burst is an addictive bubble shooter game, fighting boredom sixty seconds at a time! Burst the bubbles, save the slime! Blast, match, and burst bubbles to keeping moving to the next level. Play now for free!


Play Zombie Bubble Burst on IOS or Android. Imagitale Studios mobile games
Jingle Jangle Run available on Google Play and IOS. Imagitale Studios mobile games


Jingle Jangle Run
Jingle Jangle Run is an endless runner set in a winter wonderland. Run as Merry through a wintry landscape, avoiding enemies and obstacles on your quest. Collect ribbons and diamonds to unlock achievements throughout the game.



Swishy Things
Unlock different monsters as you soar through the level, avoiding collisions with oncoming obstacles. Share your progress with your friends to see if they can beat your high score. The higher your score, the more Swishy Things you unlock!


Swishy Things. Imagitale Studios mobile games
Did we mention we have something for the kids too?

You'll thank us when they receive their Nobel Prize.


Gravy and the Boattrain
Gravy Boone is a young inventor with dreams of winning the Marion County Science Fair. In his first book, Gravy and the Boattrain, he builds an all-terrain vehicle that’s sure to win the top prize. One person stands in Gravy’s path to victory; his childhood nemesis Melvin Snurley. Melvin’s determined to make sure Gravy doesn’t make it to the science fair at all costs. The battle between the two young scientists boils to an explosive showdown that stretches the boundaries of science. Will Gravy make it to the finish line or will Melvin destroy the Boattrain and take all the glory for his own?

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