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Match 3 Game With Bubble Bursting Action

Zombie Bubble Burst – A bubble shooting, match 3 game from Imagitale Studios

It’s an addictive bubble shooter game, fighting boredom sixty seconds at a time! Burst the bubbles, save the slime! Play now for free!

The rancher’s cattle have been infected by a pink slime outbreak and turned his daughter Ella into a zombie. She’s found that being a zombie is much more fun than being human, and now she’s addicted to those gooey little creatures. Blast, match, and burst bubbles to keeping moving to the next level.


100 levels with uniquely challenging obstacles, and many more to come!
Check back often for new events and free rewards
Use powerups to make strategic moves
Match 3 bubbles & fill powerups to create supercharged matches
Connect to Leaderboards to challenge your friends!
Free & easy to play, fun for all ages!
Play in bite-size chunks, for moments at a time
Available to play for FREE on iPhone and Android devices


Visit the store to purchase coins for more challenging levels.
Coins can be used for boosters and powerups to complete more difficult levels.
Biohazard Aim Booster – Allows for nearly perfect precision when reaching challenging bubble positions
Zombie Ball Booster – Matches any color bubble. If you can’t match 3 bubbles, use this to blast through!
Next Bubble Booster – See deeper into your bubble container and strategize which bubble to shoot next
Coins can be used to purchase extra lives too!

Bubble Bursting Action

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